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We would like to thank you for the trust you have had in ZTI in this past abnormal year. Despite the pandemic, we have survived 2020. Mainly we are grateful to you, for keeping us in business. The trust in our machines, and the genuine interest you have given us in our wellbeing and our company, felt very good. Sales did stay a little behind, understandably, but overall not in the red numbers. You were also inspiring us to invent and develop new machines in the gaps between production. From that point of view, it has been a very good and productive year! And there is much more to come.

Convenience fruit is more important than ever. Building a better resistance is one of the most significant things a person can do to prevent themselves from getting ill. Much more work to come for us, and for fruit and vegetable processing companies. For that matter, we are in the right line of business. Healthy products, that keep people strong and resistant, is in great demand and only getting bigger.

And that is good for everyone.

All the best, stay healthy, and let’s make it a good one! Cheers!

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