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Vision & Robotics; pick and place xxs

Amazing to see all the options in robotics and vision techniques. It really tickles the imagination of our engineers. Now we have developed two machines that are really hands-on and ready to use. The first one is a pick and place installation for mango cheeks. Mango is a tender, juicy and slippery fruit to handle. Something to be reckoned with when picking up the cheeks.

The second one was also challenging; try to pick up little seeds of approximately 0.5 mm. We made it possible to detect seeds from other materials like dirt or a little insect or a damaged one. And when the machine is in progress machine learning makes the vision technique even smarter. The robot carefully picks up the right seeds and places it in the right position on a petri dish. So accurate and quick. It makes us very curious and eager to invent much more with these techniques.


Video Pick & Place Seed

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