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ZTI in businessmagazine "Ondernemersbelang"

"New, smart and simple applications, that's the challenge"

Machines that detect themselves, think and take action, are more and more common in the modern production process. A team of smart engineers at ZTI is working daily to design and assembly these "smart machines". Using mechatronics, robotics and vision technique they invent completely new concepts. In particular applications most repetitive operations can be optimized. This is not only the production benefit, but also much better for an employee. Corporate social responsibility is not just a slogan which is written into the company's philosophy, at ZTI it is part of the the daily practice.

Hans Keijzer has been two years director of ZTI smart machines and notes himself that his vision to automation has been extended. "There hasto be a drive to develop their own potential. Whoever is critical looking at its processes and automates where possible, can make great strides."


"For global customers we develop machines that do not yet exist. In many cases, the optimal manual treatment forms the basis for our mechanisations and innovations. We are only satisfied when our smart machines contribute to a healthy and safe workplace, sustainable use of raw materials and higher output. "A fascinating example of their own making is a device that peels and decheekes mango's. That may not sound so revolutionary, but it is indeed: it is the first machine that does in one pass. The loss of flesh is minimal and the processing speed, 40 fruits per minute, enormous. In Mexico - still yet a low-wage country - they are incredibly excited. "International ZTI is a well-known player in the fruit processing industry, as well as local and national they serve wonderful companies in various industries. "Effectiveness and safety are the driving forces. Creating value by automating repetitive processes. "


The challenge of the customer is for the techies of ZTI the starting point for the final solution. They analyze the process from start to finish. It all has to be realistic, to recover and contribute to an overall improvement in the business. "For example, cut broccoli. The foils come in bags at the supermarket, the stumps are in the trash. ZTI has a machine in the program which processes the stumps on the basis of a patented technique to vacuum to a nutritious ingredient in powder form. This powder is used as a basis for soups, sauces and smoothies. "Now even the stumps are of value. The machine cuts under nitrogen and due of the vacuum technique there will be no oxygen in the product during processing. Perfect for the shelf life of the product; and therefore good for marketing. Another good example of value creation. "


The most imaginative activity ZTI has to be the automotive branch. Recently, the company commissioned by the Delft University of Technology collaborated on two autonomous vehicles without driver, to drive from Ede-Wageningen station to the campus of the University of Wageningen. "Our role was a system integrator. Revolutionary, it is not, but you have to combine it smart. And we are good at. "

Text: Isabelle Brus // Photography: Marcel Rob

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