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A smart machine is well worth its money

ROI, or when do you earn back the machine? A calculation that is made by comparing the purchase price and the cost of ownership with the savings on human labor and waste. That of course differs per product and per country. Wages in Germany will undoubtedly be higher than in Mexico. In contrast, a mango will be cheaper in Mexico than in Germany. Yet it is true that a machine pays for itself quickly. Often within six months.

Especially when you include safety, hygiene and the prevention of unhealthy repetitive work in the calculation. Our machines contribute to less downtime and better quality. Our mission is to make your work safer, more sustainable and more efficient. Moreover, a machine is never sick and not susceptible to viruses. During the pandemic, many of our customers were able to keep running because they could continue working at a safe working distance.

Price is an important aspect in the development of our solutions, just as it is an important aspect in the choice you ultimately make. But in our view that cannot be a goal in itself. A machine must be robust, fit for purpose, safe and user-friendly for all disciplines. Operators, Quality Managers, Maintenance and Cleaning staff must be able to work well and fine with the machine. Because that also saves costs.

Would you like to know more about our e-line machines? We are happy to tell you about it!

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