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String & Zest Peeler

The Citrus & Kiwi Peeler can be equipped with a gouge. This gouge makes a long string from the peel of the citrus fruit. Zest. Zest is used among other things in the bakery industry and for making marmalade, for example.

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Citrus & Kiwi Peeler

El Pelador de cítricos y kiwi es una máquina que pela, deshuesa y corta la base y el ápice. La máquina es apta para procesar naranjas, kiwis, manzana y pomelos. Como se puede configurar el grosor de la piel a pelar, se consigue el máximo rendimiento.

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Fruit Cutter e-line

De Fruit Cutter e-line is good machine built less expensive. The machine has different features. For example, less and different trays and double-coated motors instead of stainless-steel. Also, the footprint on site is a bit smaller, which also can be a plus. Other than that, it almost has the same output and of course, the ROI is more attractive.

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