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Shelf life

Longer shelf life pays back on your investement

Extending shelf life is important in all layers of the supply chain. And at the end for the consumers too. Longer shelf life not only keeps shoppers happy but also pays dividends for processors and retailers. Product expirations cause significant shrinkage at the retail level, representing lost sales potential. But how do you extend the shelf life of your product? First of all; handle the product with care. Fruit is tender and needs to be harvested and processed without bruising it.

 At ZTI we always have the shelf life on top of minds in our engineering process. How can you peel, cut or slice the fruit without damaging it? That's our main question to start with. Furthermore, yield and ROI are just as important. 
We are happy to tell you more about it in this white paper. Enjoy and don't hesitate to contact me for more info.