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Maintenance and cleaning; we make it as simple as possible

Our machines also need to be cleaned and maintained. Just like a car, a machine has wear and tear parts. They are used intensively and so you replace knives, springs, cylinders, etc. every few revolutions or time. Preventive maintenance prevents downtime.

Each ZTI machine comes with a spare part list. In this list you will find the wearing parts that we believe can be easily replaced by the technical service provider. The purchase of the spare part kit is a must. After all, you don't want to come to a standstill. If a part is not in stock at the customer, it can easily be found via our customer portal. This portal contains, among other things, "exploded views" of the machines and electronic diagrams. Many of our machines can have a modem included in the control, so that the control can be "watched" off site. This is especially useful for technical control problems or to implement a specific customer request. Of course you can also outsource maintenance to our field engineers.

We make cleaning and maintenance of our machines as easy as possible. Accessibility is key here. By opening doors or panels, or even by hinging open a complete machine, such as the Watermelon Dicer, we ensure as much space as possible.

Do you want to know how accessible the ZTI machine of your choice is? Please contact us.

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