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Mangoes are upcoming and doing well in Spain

The produce of tropical fruit in countries around the Mediterranean Sea are becoming more varied than ever before. The global warming moves the boundary for growing papayas, kiwis, passionfruit, and other species climb up north. The cultivation of mangoes in Spain is booming and the popularity of the fruit amongst consumers keeps on growing. Harvesting can be done at the right ripeness, as transport time is no longer an issue. The sales market is just around the corner.

Convenience fruit, cubed mango parts, is getting more popular too

Hans Keijzer, director of ZTI smart machines, foresees that the processing of mangoes will take a flight in Spainas well as in other south European countries, too. "The convenience fruit department in all supermarkets in Europe is getting more elaborate. Trays with ready to eat bite size pieces of mango are in demand. And not only in retail. Also, the restaurant, catering and hotel industry are big purchasers of sliced or diced fruit”

Longer shelf life, more yield, and a good ROI

Keijzer: “The product stays longer fresh on the shelf in store and in the fridge of the consumer. The machine also provides you with the best yield you can get. It is adjustable for processing small and big mangoes by changing the peeling knives. These so called ‘thin peelers’ make sure that there’s no fruit wasted. As do the bow shaped knives, that are removing the stone from the fruit. A destoning method that also optimizes the yield. And there are others specific functions in this machine that makes it unique. I am happy to tell you all about it”

 The Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker 20 peels and destones 20 mangos per minute

“We are delighted to see the machine in operation at quite a few customers. The demand is overwhelming, and we’ve got several machines in order. They are being assembled at this moment to be delivered to our customers in the USA, South America, and Europe. The Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker 20 is developed based upon our experiences over the last five years with the Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker40 and, even more important, the feedback of our customers. That makes the relative new machine a reliable and proven piece of equipment.  “A good example of this next generation of Mango processing is the feature of the exchangeable beak set for different sized mangoes” says Hans Keijzer.

The machine can be seen at ZTI. Interested parties are welcome by appointment. Contact Hans Keijzer for more information.


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