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The metal tension spring is in particular in the food processing industry, a troublesome component in a machine. When broken, it can shoot in excerpts from each other and particles can get into the processed product. Further, a spring is a very difficult part to clean. Food can get in between the spring and holds it tight.


ZTI has therefore started to look for an alternative and developed the Elastospring. The Elastospring is a tension spring made of vulcanized silicone with the following characteristics.

• Safe to use in the Food Industry (FDA accepted )
• Remains at break in place, without fragments
• Chemically resistant
• Solid and light in weight
• Very easy to clean
• Relatively small bonding surface
• Large variation in size, traction and load
• Signal color

The Elastospring has already been applied successfully in our own machinery and therefore now also available for our customers.

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