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New: Pineapple Peeler: The first pineapple peeler with an extremely smooth peeling result

A pineapple peeler is not a new machine in itself, there are already many variants. But there is much improvement possible on a large number of points on the existing pineapple peelers. Among other things, by thinking carefully about a number of important principles. Increasing shelf life, a better yield and good ROI. The engineers of zti took up this challenge and they came up with a completely new concept. 

This new peeler has a number of special features. The pineapple is not peeled from the outside in, like with conventional machines, but the pineapple is cut ‘out of the skin’. The outside of the pineapple will remain intact. And because it is cut with driven blades and not punched, the surface of the peeled fruit is much smoother.

Loss of juice is a difficult side effect in fruit processing
Hans Keijzer, co-owner of zti smart machines is enthusiastic: "This new machine shows results that are even beyond our expectations. When designing, you can suspect how the machine will work, but only when you really start to run, you will see if your idea works out as well in practice as you thought up. Loss of juice is a difficult side effect when fruit is being processed. Something you want to prevent as much as possible. And we know what to look out for. All our machines handle the fruit with care. This new machine also does not damage the fruit and therefore the pineapple retains its juice. Of course, that immediately increases shelf life. In addition, the minimal cutting movement through the skin, which sets it apart from the existing peelers. That keeps the fruit clean and also saves the knives."

With or without crown, this machine peels them in an instant
The Pineapple Peeler removes the fruit of the skin, the crown, the growing point and the core at a speed of 16 pineapples per minute. Pineapples without a crown can also be processed on the machine. If desired, the peeling result can have a radial incision in halves, quarters or a specific desired number of fingers. The size of the cylinder and the distance from head to butt can be accurately determined. It results in a very even end product.

Minimal contact between fruit and skin
The cutting cylinder of the Pineapple Peeler makes no contact with the outside of the pineapple. Heading takes place in the first operation and only there do the blades make contact with the shell. The largest surface, that of the circumference of the pineapple cylinder, remains clean. Because cutting the pineapple from outside to inside is kept to a minimum, the knives also last a lot longer.

Cutting for a good result, less juice loss and a longer shelf life
zti has a perfectly fitting solution for processing the pineapple halves into chunks. The half pineapples fit seamlessly into the tray of the zti Fruitcutter. This machine also cuts and treats the fruit with care, which also extends the shelf life of trays with chunks.

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