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Cashew Shelling Machine

Cashew nuts are popular the world over. Not just because they are so healthy, but also because they taste so good. Yet cashews can be difficult. Not least difficult to shell. The nuts grow on the cashew tree, just under a false fruit. The fruit is usually discarded, while the nut is prized. There's just one problem: getting it out of the shell.

The nut is encased in a woody, grey-brown shell that contains an astringent, acidic, toxic oil which is a skin irritant. Shelling is generally done by hand and is an arduous and dirty job due to the sticky oil released. In countries where the cashew is grown, people are also coming to realise that the shelling process has to change.

Le Comptoir des Fruits Secs asked ZTI to develop the Cashew Shelling Machine. Want to know how it works? The film will be online soon.

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