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Vegetable processing machines

Groente verwerking

Turning vegetables from the land into sellable produce.
From conveyor belt to full processing line, ZTI is capable of offering complete solutions for the purposes of processing various types of vegetable, such as headed cabbage, oxheart cabbage and broccoli. An important feature of ZTI's vegetable-processing machines is that they exercise a great deal of care during processing, ensuring all natural properties of the produce are left as intact as possible!

Cabbage Corer

The Cabbage Corer removes the hard core of drumhead and oxheart cabbage. Once that has been removed, the remaining 'clean' cabbage is ready to be processed.

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Sorting Line

The ZTI Sorting Line sorts different types of vegetable accurately, carefully and quickly. Drumhead cabbage, pointed cabbage, pumpkin and broccoli, for instance. The machine is fully adjustable for each specific need.

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Turnip Wedger

The Turnip Wedger is a cutting aid that helps making wedges (or parts) from a cabbage or turnip. The cutting aid can be equipped with a three-part dividing, four-part or a five-part dividing. The parts can be removed via a conveyor belt.

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