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Vegetable processing machines

Groente verwerking

ZTI offers complete solutions for the processing of various sorts of vegetable, including drumhead cabbage, pointed cabbage and broccoli. From conveyor belt to complete processing line. We will listen to your requirements and supply customised machines with in-feed and removal conveyors.

Long Product Cutter

The long product cutter is an extremely solid and heavy-duty machine on which products such as carrots, parsnips and cucumbers can becut in even pieces and get top tailed as well.

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The Stepper separates long vegetables such as cucumber, parsnip and carrots, so that they can be fed separately and oriented in a machine. The speed can easily be adjusted. This machine is very suitable for uploading the ZTI Long Product Cutter.

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Fruit & Vegetable Wedger

The Fruit & Vegetable Wedger is suitable for wedging all kinds of fruit and vegetables. For example, celeriac, cabbage and pumpkin, and different species of fruit like melon, pineapple, and apple. The product is cut into two halves or four or five wedges. The machine processes maximum of thirty pieces per minute. The cutting result gives you sharp and even wedges, ready to be packed or to be further processed.

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Cabbage Corer

The Cabbage Corer removes the hard core of drumhead and oxheart cabbage. Once that has been removed, the remaining 'clean' cabbage is ready to be processed.

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Sorting Line

The ZTI Sorting Line sorts different types of vegetable accurately, carefully and quickly. Drumhead cabbage, pointed cabbage, pumpkin and broccoli, for instance. The machine is fully adjustable for each specific need.

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