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Fruit processing machines

Fruit processing

Fruit is tender and sensitive. So it needs to be processed with the utmost care. Our machines stand out for their careful treatment of the fruit during peeling, seeding, stoning, cutting or picking. The product is packed and processed in a protective atmosphere and, once processed, carefully prepared for shipping. The fruit thus remains in the best possible condition, resulting in a more attractive finished product with a longer shelf life.

String & Zest Peeler

The Citrus & Kiwi Peeler can be equipped with a gouge. This gouge makes a long string from the peel of the citrus fruit. Zest. Zest is used among other things in the bakery industry and for making marmalade, for example.

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Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker

The Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker peels the mango and removes the 'cheeks' in a single operation. Once the fruit has been positioned the machine takes the mango by the stone, releasing it only when the cheeks have been removed.

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Pineapple & Melon Peeler

The Pineapple and Melon Peeler peels, decores and removes the top and tail of the fruit. The machine processes both fruits, pineapple and melon. The peeling thickness is adjustable and thus provides for the greatest potential yield.

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Citrus & Kiwi Peeler

The Citrus & Kiwi Peeler is a fully-automatic peeler, corer, and 'top and tailer'. The machine is suitable for processing oranges, kiwi fruit, apple and grapefruit. The peeling thickness can be adjusted to obtain the maximum yield.

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Picking grapes, dates and cherry tomatoes with the destemmer surpasses manual processing. The machine is unique because, like no other comparable machine, it can pick the fruit from the vine with a rotating movement. Which is just how it would happen if picked by hand. The point where the stem meets the fruit thus remains intact, improving shelf life.

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Mango Peeler

The mango is a very tender fruit and so demands special care in processing. Our Mango Peeler holds the fruit by the stone during the peeling process, cutting the fruit lengthways. This leaves the pulp intact. The result is better than for a hand-peeled mango.

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Fruit Cutter

The Fruit Cutter slices peeled or unpeeled fruit with minimal external force. The machine is suitable for slicing and cutting pineapple, melon or peeled mango halves. It is also possible to cut rectangles (fingers) or ovals.

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Watermelon Slicer

The Watermelon Slicer is a machine that processes peeled watermelons, resulting in even slices that are 25mm thick.

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Melon Wedger

The Melon Wedger turns (water)melon into wedges or parts. The cutting aid can be equipped with a holder for 6 parts or a holder for 8 parts.

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