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Watermelon Wedger

The Watermelon Wedger cuts a watermelon into equal parts with specially shaped blades. In one quick move in two, four, six or eight wedges. Up to eight melons per minute.

The Watermelon Wedger is equipped with a three-position turntable. The turntable moves the watermelon into the next position during processing. The watermelon is manually placed on the first position. After turning to the second position the melon will be cut into two, four, six or eight equal pieces. After the cutting process, the table turns to the third and last position. Here the melon is gently tilted out of the machine and the wedges slide carefully onto a stainless steel gutter. All operations are performed simultaneously.
The machine operator is protected by a safety light curtain so that the blade cannot be approached during processing. When the light detects an object or a hand, for example, the machine will stop immediately. The rear of the machine is equipped with two security doors that provide maximum access for maintenance and cleaning.
Features of the Watermelon Wedger 
  • Special shaped wedging blade for minimal cutting forces
  • Easy to operate 
  • Stainless steel motors
  • Stainless-steel E-cabinet
  • Machine dimensions: L = x W = x H = 3000 x 1400 x 2550
  • Speed 8 melons per minute 
  • Max. product diameter 300 mm
  • Max. power consumption 1kW
  • Required connection for water and air 6 bar
Features of all our fruit-processing machines 
  • Careful treatment and processing improves the shelf life
  • High processing capacity
  • Maximum yield per processed product
  • Equals or betters manual processing
  • Attractive end product
  • Easy to clean and to service
  • Meets European guidelines for food processing to hygiene and safety
Features of all ZTI smart machines 
  • Smart innovations that are distinguished by their simplicity
  • Simple and safe to operate
  • Equipped with the latest technology
  • Optimum balance between "mechanics" and "electronics"
  • Attractive return on investment

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