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Cabbage Corer

The Cabbage Corer removes the hard core of drumhead and oxheart cabbage. Once that has been removed, the remaining 'clean' cabbage is ready to be processed.

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Citrus & Kiwi Peeler

The Citrus & Kiwi Peeler is a fully-automatic peeler, corer, and 'top and tailer'. The machine is suitable for processing oranges, kiwi fruit, apple and grapefruit. The peeling thickness can be adjusted to obtain the maximum yield.

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Pineapple Peeler

At a speed of 16 pineapples per minute, the Pineapple Peeler removes the peel from the fruit, the crown, the growing point and the core. If desired, the peeling result can have a radial incision in halves, quarters or a specific desired number of fingers. The size of the cylinder and the distance from head to tail can be accurately determined. With a very consistent end product as a result.

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Cabbage Corer & Wedger

This cabbage processing machine serves as both a cabbage corer and cabbage slicer, combining two functions into one. It starts by inserting a whole cabbage into the machine. The cabbage is securely held in place while the core is removed using an adjustable drill. After the coring process, the cabbage is skillfully divided into two or four wedges. Now it is ready for further processing or perfectly suitable for any culinary need.

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Bell Pepper Line

Designed for maximum efficiency and precision, this fully automated cutting-edge system revolutionizes the processing of bell peppers from start to finish. Picking, placing, coring, and cutting all done automated

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