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Fruit Cutter

The Fruit Cutter slices peeled or unpeeled fruit with minimal external force. The machine is suitable for slicing and cutting pineapple, melon or peeled mango halves. It is also possible to cut rectangles (fingers) or ovals.

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Fruit Cutter e-line

De Fruit Cutter e-line is good machine built less expensive. The machine has different features. For example, less and different trays and double-coated motors instead of stainless-steel. Also, the footprint on site is a bit smaller, which also can be a plus. Other than that, it almost has the same output and of course, the ROI is more attractive.

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Watermelon Wedger

The Watermelon Wedger cuts a watermelon into uniform parts with specially shaped blades. In one quick move in two halves, four quarters or six wedges. Up to twelve pieces per minute.

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Long Product Cutter

The long product cutter is an extremely solid and heavy-duty machine on which products such as carrots, parsnips and cucumbers can becut in even pieces and head tailed as well.. 

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