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ZTI smart robotics

ZTI smart robotics

ZTI Smart Robotics
The next step in fruit and vegetable processing
Vision and robotics make the processing of fruit and vegetables future-proof. Orientation, detection, counting, weighing, deployment and processing are done fully automatically. It not only speeds up the processing process, but also ensures an attractive ROI.
  • Safe; manual insertion into the machine is no longer necessary
  • High production; a robot is fast and can continue without a break
  • repetitive; the same action many times does not matter to a robot
  • maintenance-friendly; no more protective covers for maintenance and cleaning
  • Hygienic; no more contact with the product
  • Accurate; AI prevents loss

Vision and Robotics

Automating fruit and vegetable processing offers many advantages. It significantly increases capacity because, for example, the processing can be done at a very high speed. But there is much more.

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