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Extending Shelf Life can be found in smart solutions

Fruit is fragile. The processing of fruit therefore requires a number of inventive peeling and cutting methods. Our machines exert as little pressure as possible on the fruit. The peelers in our machines are gently pressed onto the fruit with springs specially developed by ZTI (ElastoSprings). The springs are making it very easy to follow the contours of the fruit. This increases the yield. At the same time, we prevent to much pressure on the fruit with these springs.

We use oscillating knives and peelers in many of our solutions. This prevents unnecessary juice loss and bruising of the fruit. In addition, these knives peel directly under the skin and not through the skin. An important hygiene advantage.

Another important element is the way in which the fruit is introduced and transported through the cutting process. With our Mango Peeler-de-Cheekers, the mangos are carried on the stone. Specially designed beaks cling to the stone instead of the fruit. This keeps the mango intact and prevents the fruit from bruising.

 The basis of our development starts with “best practice by hand”. For example, grapes are manually picked by gently loosening them from the stem. This prevents damage to the fruit and allows the growing point to stay intact. That is exactly what our Destemmer does. Two cushions, softer than the human hand, gently twist the fruit (grapes, dates, vine tomatoes) off the stem.

When designing machines, we always have the Shelf Life on top of mind. We have now given a few examples, but we use different techniques in all our machines to increase the shelf life of your product. Feel free to ask us about all other applied techniques and contact us. We are happy to tell you more about it.

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