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Onion breeders happy with cutting line

During the onion breeding process, part of the onion is cut off to get an idea of the number of rings of the onion, any double cores or other deviations. ZTI has developed a cutting line to cut the onions at the desired location and to present the result to the analyst. The machine consists of a double chain transport between which the halving blade rotates. The onions are cut within a casing with a connection for an extraction system. After cutting, the onions turn with the cutting edge facing upwards, so that the product can be easily assessed.
On the infeed side of the line is a lifting system that places onions one by one on the cutting line at an adjustable speed. The onions are then oriented by hand for transport. There is room for two operators here.
Once properly placed, part of the onions is cut off. This cut off part is transported away with an elevator belt under which a waste bin can be placed. The part that has to be kept for assessment is carried on further and if of sufficient quality the product goes on to a weighing belt.
Rejected onions can be tipped forward and fall via a receiving tray for transport on a conveyor belt towards the aforementioned elevating belt of the heads. The machine is equipped with a counting system that counts all approved onions and displays them on a display for the analyst. The analyst has the possibility to regulate the speed of the chain transport depending on quality and product size.

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