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Jan Beers is still in the middle of his internship at ZTI smart machines. At the beginning of February, he started his graduation internship for the Mechanical Engineering program. During his internship, he continues to work on the project physalis, also known as the goldberry or the lantern. If this project sounds familiar to you, two previous interns at ZTI, Jim Stoop and Wietse Sytsma, have also worked on this project. Where Jim designed the first prototype, Wietse started implementing improvements and Jan is involved in the latest research and tests to improve the machine. For example, he is mainly testing whether the current set-up works completely and he is making the necessary adjustments.
Visit companies
ZTI was not completely unknown to Jan. During his high school years he once had a tour of the fruit and vegetable processing company in Tuitjenhorn. This had stayed with him positively, so he stopped by again when looking for a graduation internship. Jan's tip for other students is to visit companies: "When you visit something, you really taste the atmosphere. You get completely different insights than if you only view the company online. At ZTI I immediately had a good feeling, for me it was the ideal combination in terms of atmosphere and the assignment that I would carry out."
When looking for an assignment, Jan already knew that he was looking for something in the direction of automation. Drawing out and investigating what can and cannot be done. The biggest difference between working on an assignment at school and during an internship period for him is the time you spend testing. During a school assignment, you are not very busy with testing while he spends a lot of time on it. You have the freedom and time to try everything and if it doesn't work, you try something different. You do not know in advance how long it will take before you have found the solution.
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