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Citrus & Kiwi Peeler 2.0

The Citrus Kiwi Peeler has been in our machine range for some years now. There are quite a lot of machines up-and-running worldwide. Before a machine goes in production and leaves our premises, it endures many comprehensive tests. But when the machine really goes into production, the true testing starts. Different sizes, types of fruit, the ripeness and especially being 24/7 in operation is something else. Then you might come across some points that may need some adjusting. We receive feedback from customers about the ease of use and points of improvement of a machine. At ZTI this feedback is directly converted into a solution for our customer. And at each improvement the drawings are adjusted for future built machines. As a result, a machine is continuously getting better. The last couple of months there have been done some very nice adjustments. Therefore we can really launch our Citrus Kiwi Peeler 2.0.

Interested in the renewed Citrus & Kiwi Peeler? We do understand that. Contact ZTI and we will tell you all about it.

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