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New: Watermelon Wedger

A watermelon is large and heavy. That is why more and more retailers are opting to offer manageable wedges of watermelon instead of an unhandy whole fruit. And watermelon is a popular fruit. Of course because of the taste and certainly also because of the red and refreshing appearance. In addition, watermelon also contains a lot of iron, fiber, potassium, vitamin C, lycopene, and beta carotene. Beta carotene in particular protects the body's cells against harmful influences. And that is in demand!

Fruit-friendly knives for longer shelf life

Hans Keijzer, the owner of ZTI smart machines, explains what makes this machine special. "What is outstanding are the specially shaped knives. Longer shelf life is a very important factor when processing fruit. Our machines always treat the fruit with the utmost care. We cut the products with moving knives. This Watermelon Wedger is a bit of an exception. It is not cutting with a moving knife, but the knife steel of the punch is sharpened in a wedge shape. So therefore there is still a cutting movement. The knife disperses the crunchy flesh without damaging it. "

Capacity up until twelve watermelons a minute

This cutting method makes it possible to process large quantities with a compact machine. The Watermelon Wedger cuts a fruit into two halves, four quarters, or six wedges in one quick motion. Up to twelve pieces per minute.

Upcoming: Watermelon Dicer

Watermelon cubes (or dices) are also in great demand. The Watermelon Dicer is currently being finalized at ZTI. This machine dices half watermelons. The Dicer also treats the fruit with care during processing. Resulting in a visually appealing end product and significantly less juice loss during cutting and on the shelf.

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