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Press release Dicer

ZTI smart machines from Tuitjenhorn focuses entirely on fruit and vegetable processing machines. And the developments are certainly not standing still. This year alone, four completely new machines have been developed. And there is more to come! The most recent machine from the sleeve of this innovative company is the Dicer. And as with all ZTI machines, the name leaves no doubt about what the machine does. It makes cubes.

The Dicer cuts twelve peeled watermelons per minute into dices. The fruits are still placed manually on the conveyor belt. Entirely according to all safety protocols, personal contact with the knives is impossible due to the extremely safe construction. The belt transports the fruit further into the machine and positions the fruit for the first operation. Here, the fruit is guided through a combination of horizontal and vertical blades. In the next operation, the fingers pass sideways through a set of vertical blades. The result is razor-cut cubes.

The consumer opts for a fresh and attractive product

Hans Keijzer and Machiel Honig notice that convenience food is taking up more and more space in the fruit and vegetable shelf in the supermarket. In the area of fruit processing in particular, the demand for machines that can process quickly and carefully is high. The ZTI Pineapple Peeler was recently launched on the basis of customer demand. The machine cuts a barrel from a whole pineapple, without skin and without core. The processor packs the pineapple in a round container and together with the sharply cut pineapple, it forms a very attractive end product in the fresh produce. What makes this machine special is that it cuts the pineapple and does not die. Director Hans Keijzer explains: "Handle with care is one of our USPs. The fruit is always processed with the utmost care. We always use moving knives. Usually from peelers, which increase yield. The Dicer uses off-set knives. This way you don't put all the material in the fruit at once. This prevents unnecessary juice loss, extends the shelf life and gives beautiful, sharply cut and evenly shaped cubes.

Thinking ahead, innovating, engineering and producing, ZTI does it

Co-director Machiel Honig confirms that there are also plenty of new machines arriving. The demand for fruit processing machines is high. His team of engineers is fully engaged in integrating vision and robotics into the machines. Fruit orientation and fully automatic deployment is the future. "We give this aspect a lot of attention because we want to stay ahead with new developments in this area. Together with interns and graduates from HTS and TU, we have already made promising test setups that may soon be used. In addition, we believe that the repetitive work that is still done manually now will disappear in the future. Definitely a good second reason to focus on this. There is also sufficient demand from our customers for other fruit processing machines. Our engineers have plenty to do" according to Honig.

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