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Pressrelease: 2020 was a productive year!

Despite the pandemic, ZTI smart machines from Tuitjenhorn is positive about the past year. The production of machines lagged somewhat behind, but this also gave room for new developments. The Watermelon Wedger, the Watermelon Dicer, the Fruit and Vegetable Wedger, the Mango Peeler de Cheeker 20, and the Pineapple Peeler were delivered in 2020!
A special year
Hans Keijzer, director of ZTI, was somewhat anxious at the beginning of last year at the social and economic consequences of the pandemic. Keijzer: “It soon became clear that the travel industry would suffer a lot. A significant proportion of our customers deliver processed fruit to hotels, restaurants, lunchrooms, cruise ships, canteens and companies that prepare airplane meals. Worldwide, this decline came to a halt. In addition, many companies became somewhat reluctant to invest. Everything and everyone was on the brakes. This quieter period in the production of our existing machines gave us the space to do a large number of new developments. In addition to much less good, the past year has also brought us a lot ”.
Hopefully, the sky will start to clear
According to Hans, the market is starting to pick up again. He gets a lot of interest in the new machines and long-term offers are being revived again. “You notice that the market is moving again. Be careful. People still have to keep eating and fruit and vegetables, in particular, are important vitamin sources. The section with pre-cut products is also growing in the store and is being sold more. Because by working on your resilience yourself, you may be one step ahead of the virus. ”
Fruit & Vegetable Wedger wedges cabbage, melon, celeriac, pumpkin and much more
The first fruit & Vegetable Wedger was recently delivered. Initially, the machine was developed for celeriac portioning, but it soon turned out that much more could be processed on the machine.
The product is cut into two halves or four or five wedges. The machine processes a maximum of thirty pieces per minute. The cutting result gives sharp and even wedges, ready for packaging or further processing.
Customizable as desired
The standard version is equipped with four and five wedge bins. This makes it possible to cut smaller wedges from, for example, a large celeriac. Optionally, the four and five segmented knives can also be replaced with two one segmented knives. These cut the product in two halves. The wedges are guided out of the machine via a chute on the side of the machine. There they can be collected in a container or transported upwards with a conveyor belt. In addition, a counter can be mounted on the machine to count the number of wedges cut.

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